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Our first funding period starts on January 1st, 2016.

Identity and Dynamics of Membrane Systems - from Molecules to Cellular Functions

Biological membranes maintain a non-equilibrium state between the inside and outside space of single cells, subcellular compartments, and between the cells of multicellular organisms. A prerequisite for life is that membranes are not static entities but comprise constantly changing boundaries that react in response to internal and external cues. How do membranes obtain their identity and control their spatio-temporal dynamics? Which role do their constituents play, mainly the different kinds of membrane proteins and protein complexes? These are the fundamental questions that will be addressed within this CRC. As model systems, we have chosen different uni- and multicellular organisms to investigate identity and dynamics of their membrane systems. Our studies will comprise a two-pronged approach, starting from both, the level of individual membrane proteins and their complexes as well as entire cellular membrane systems.

We combine in our multifaceted consortium a unique range of structural, biochemical and cell biological technologies, which aims to unravel the molecular and cellular processes within the entire biological relevant timescale from nanoseconds to days. Our multidisciplinary approach, which involves extensive collaborations at the methodological and conceptual level, aims to decipher the multidimensional interplay between components of different membrane systems and the membranes themselves that ultimately form the basis for a wealth of biological processes.

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