Projects and Groups

The research in our Collaborative Research Centre is structured to the topic areas:

(A) Maintaining and changing membrane identity and (B) Trafficking within cells.
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In both areas, we will combine a highly complementary set of tools, incorporating protein biochemistry and biophysics as well as structural biology, the genetic dissection and manipulation of membrane functions, molecular physiology, proteomics and genomics approaches to set up an agenda that spans the entire function and cellular range of these membrane systems. This will unravel the mechanistic principles underlying dynamic interactions of membrane proteins and the mode of action of stimuli that result in the (re)modeling of functional networks operating across membranes, as well as the biological role of these processes. We will also identify the kinetic and thermodynamic bottlenecks and the checkpoints occurring in these systems, the lifetime of these entities due to re-cycling or turnover and the exact nature of the stimulus provoking the corresponding macroscopic functions.

Support of our networking groups, especially in refinement and development of new methods is given by the Central Projects.

Below you find a short overview on our projects and groups. For further information please click on the blue coloured project titles.

Research Area A
Research Area B
Central Projects
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