Invited Speaker

We are proud to announce the following confirmed speakers for the 2nd CRC1208 conference:

Patricia Bassereau, Institut Curie Paris, France
Magdalena Bezanilla, Dartmouth College, USA
Caren Chang, University of Maryland, USA
Scott Emr, Cornell University, USA
Christine Faulkner, John Innes Centre Norwich, UK
Alain Filloux, Imperial College London, UK
Volker Haucke, FU and FMP Berlin, Germany
Ben Luisi, University of Cambridge, UK
Thomas Marlovits, CSSB Hamburg, Germany and Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria
Bruno Miroux, CNRS Paris, France
Mark Sansom, University of Oxford, UK
Mark Sansom, University of Oxford, UK
Peter Sebo, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
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