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Dynamic Membranes at "Nacht der Wissenschaft"

12.09.2022  - At the "Nacht der Wissenschaft" on September 9, 2022 in the heart of the city, doctoral researchers and project leaders of CRC 1208 showed interested citizens the essence of their research: membrane biology.
What makes up membranes, what is their function? The preparation and discussion in advance paid off: our booth was very popular with both children and adults.
A specially built large membrane model to touch was just as popular as the possibility to move virtually in a membrane or to understand the flexibility and dynamics of membranes using soapy water. Microscopic experiments and posters completed the presentation.
People participated and discussed until late at night. "It was incredibly fun!" was the summary of all participants, so that this event has already been included in the 2024 calendar.
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