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Christian Drosten - Jürgen-Manchot-Gastprofessur, 3rd December 2020

Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten

"We are very pleased that we have been able to attract Professor Drosten, even though this year there can only be one virtual visit," says Prof. Dr. Klaus Pfeffer, Director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hospital Hygiene. "As a globally recognised expert in the pandemic, Christian Drosten plays an outstanding role both professionally and communicatively.

One hardly needs to introduce Christian Drosten, not a day when he was not quoted during the pandemic. A look at the curriculum vitae of Drosten, born in 1972 in Lingen/Emsland, shows a virologist who has received many scientific awards in his career. His research focuses on clinical virology, virus evolution and ecology, i.e. the links between the virus and certain virus-carrying animal species in our environment, which can contribute to spreading and mutations. Research on "epidemic preparedness", which examines epidemiological prevention and preparedness in medicine and society, and of course coronaviruses, including SARS viruses, is another priority. Christian Drosten is also a proven expert in this field.

This is the title of his public lecture in the context of the Jürgen Manchot Research Professorship "One species, different animals. SARS and SARS 2 compared". The Heinrich Heine University will broadcast the lecture, which will be held in English, on Thursday, 3 December, from 16.00 hrs on its YouTube channel . To the start window: youtu.be/_p_h1lvKvyQ

Background Jürgen-Manchot Foundation

The projects supported by the Jürgen Manchot Foundation include the promotion of young scientists, structured doctoral programmes, basic research and guest lectures by world-renowned researchers. Infection medicine at the HHU is one of the projects supported. The foundation has provided significant support to the interdisciplinary graduate school Molecules of Infection at the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Medicine and established the research group Molecular Host-Pathogen Interactions at the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hospital Hygiene. It has supported the BSL-3 high-security laboratory and finances the Jürgen-Manchot Guest Professorship for Experimental Infection Medicine and numerous other projects at the Faculty of Medicine and Mathematics and Natural Sciences. In addition, the Manchot Foundation supports the establishment of the cross-faculty research topic "artificial intelligence" at the HHU through an interdisciplinary research group.

The visiting professorship includes support for young researchers in infection research within the Manchot Graduate School as well as public lectures.

Author: Susanne Dopheide