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Confirmed Speakers

We are proud to announce the following speakers to be on site for the 4th CRC1208 conference:

Sonja Billerbeck

University of Groningen

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Bernadette Byrne

Imperial College London

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Charissa de Bekker

University of Utrecht

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Thomas Günther-Pomorski

Ruhr University of Bochum

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Inga Hänelt

University of Frankfurt

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Kai Heimel

University of Göttingen

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Eamonn Reading

King's College London

"The Backbone of Multidrug Efflux in RND-Type Pumps"

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Kheya Sengupta

CINaM Marseille

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Lilach Sheiner

University of Glasgow

"Mitochondrial membranes biology in the apicomplexan Toxoplasma gondii"

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Christian Ungermann

University of Osnabrück

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Paula Welander

University of Stanford

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