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MB Train - Graduate School of CRC 1208

MB Train, the integrated research training group of the CRC 1280, promotes the qualification of a new generation of experts in an interdisciplinary field of biochemistry, cell biology and biophysics centered around membrane biology. Primarily adressing MSc graduates of natural sciences, MB Train also offers support for the qualification of postdoctoral researchers.

Four instrumental modules offer different types of high-quality training opportunities:

Supervision structure

In accordance with the doctoral rules in the FMNS at HHU, MB Train doctoral researchers are scientifically supervised by a Supervision Team consisting of at least two academic advisors.
Every research project begins with a so-called 'kick-off meeting'. Subsequently, a supervision follow-up meeting is held once a year at regular intervals to assess progress and the achievement of objectives.
The corresponding forms for this are provided on Sciebo.

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