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MB Train - Graduate School of CRC 1208

MB Train, the integrated research training group of the CRC 1280, promotes the qualification of a new generation of experts in an interdisciplinary field of biochemistry, cell biology and biophysics centered around membrane biology. Embedded in this special research area of CRC1208, MB Train provides the specific infrastructure to optimize qualification of young researchers for the academic and non-academic job market.
Although MB Train addresses primarily to MSc graduates of natural sciences, it also offers a postdoctoral researcher qualification package.
The qualification concept of MB Train aims at stimulating exceptional knowledge in the disciplines of the CRC, strengthening scientific and professional skills and competencies, enlarging the personal networks as well as encouraging awareness for personal career management skills and professionalism. The individual Doctoral Research Project forms the basis of the research training.
Three interlocked core training units assemble high-quality training items thereby connecting multiple scientific and professional qualification lines. These training units consist of individual High-Quality Supervision arrangements, a Joint Study Program to foster scientific background knowledge, and a Professional Qualification study program to increase employability and professionalism.
Four instrumental modules offer at regular intervals different types of high-quality training opportunities, namely

A rigorous recruitment strategy for selection of its members is an important tool to reach a high standard of research and training in MB Train. International job announcement, a transparent selection procedure conform with equality standards and final decision about MB Train membership taken by a selection committee are highly efficient instruments to bring together best candidates and projects.
A structured supervision concept involving a supervision team of supervisor, mentor and doctoral fellow ensures mutual understanding of responsibilities and requirements for a PhD. Of particular importance is the implementation of tools to encourage young researchers to develop an attitude of personal responsibility towards their scientific project and also for their own future career path and visions leading to the set up of a personal career development plan.

Speaker of Graduate School

Prof. Dr. Petra Bauer

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