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Welcome to the Collaborative Research Center 1208

All living cells are enveloped by membranes that respond to external and internal stimuli and represent constantly changing boundaries rather than static entities.
Biological membranes maintain a state of non-equilibrium between the inside and outside of a cell or subcellular compartment and between the cells of multicellular organisms.
What determines the identity of membranes and how do they control their dynamic processes in space and time? What is the role of their constituents, especially membrane proteins and membrane protein complexes? These are the fundamental questions addressed in this CRC.


In order to improve the compatibility of scientific work and family obligations, various measures can be financed for persons working scientifically in DFG projects. Information on this is available from the CRC Office.
Information on childcare and schools can be found on the JUNO website here.
Information on maternity protection and parental leave can be found on the intranet at the Human Resources Department here (german).

The health of our members, both physically and mentally, as well as that of our partners and guests is important to us. We are committed to achieving a healthy and successful working environment for the individual as well as the community.
Studies show that many PhD students are affected by stress and various psychological problems such as depression or anxiety disorders. The COVID-19 pandemic has also, unsurprisingly, exacerbated the situation.
At HHU, the following contact points offer support:

  • At iGRAD and JUNO, the counselling staff are also certified Mental Health First Aiders.
  • The psychotherapeutic outpatient clinic offers counselling specifically for HHU employees.
  • The psychiatric-psychotherapeutic day clinic is available for employees in crisis situations and has special intercultural offers.
  • In addition, the health department of the "Heine Centre for Sustainable Development" supports university employees with health, counselling and prevention services (https://www.hcsd.hhu.de/en/).
  • Initial confidential discussions can be held with the coordination of MB Train and the (post)doctoral representatives.

Additional counselling centres at HHU (download).