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B14: The role of Adhesion GPCRs in the regulation of cell shape

Adhesion GPCRs are prime candidates to control cellular characteristics such as cell shape and dynamic changes in this shape upon environmental cues. However, due to their complex modes of functions and the numerous roles one receptor plays, it is difficult to obtain a comprehensive understanding on how a receptor links extracellular cues to cell changes. This project uses the aGPCR CELSR/Flamingo/ADGRC in C. elegans to link signals to cell shape changes.
Using in vivo read-outs and imaging approaches, it will address the question how the receptor controls cell shape and mediates robustness against external mechanical forces. Biochemical/pharmacological assays will shed light on the molecular mechanisms underlying aGPCR function.

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Simone Prömel

Researchers: Alexandra Daum