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A13: Optogenetic membrane manipulation of protein targeting to mitochondria and plastids

Our data demonstrate that some proteins targeted to the plastid under aerobic conditions in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, are dual-targeted to mitochondrion and plastid under anaerobic conditions (and loss of mitochondrial ∆ψ). We plan to generate optogenetically controllable organelles, both in terms of membrane-integrated opsins to manipulate ∆ψ, as well as modulating membrane-bound receptor platforms and phosphatases through optogenetic switches. Our work will (i) shed new light on the interplay of targeting sequences and ∆ψ- and receptor-mediated membrane identity that secures correct targeting, and (ii) implement new optogenetic tools for understanding and controlling cellular processes in C. reinhardtii.

Project leaders:
PD Sven B. Gould, Institut of Molecular Evolution and
Prof. Matias Zurbriggen, Institute of Synthetic Biology

Odette Deen-Rozalen, email
Parth K. Raval,